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Homemade Specialties For Your Pets!

FREE Pet Recipe Book!




Holiday Pet Food Recipes for Cats and Dogs

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We all love to include our pets in our Holiday celebrations!

We enjoy watching the happy shenanigans and joy of appreciation when       we bestow a special treat on our favorite furry family members.


Who can resist?!!


Have you, too, been shocked, angered and

frightened by the recent pet food recalls?



You can take back your Pets' welfare into your own hands!


  • This Cookbook will provide many delectable recipes that you can make for your special Cat and Canine family!  
    AND -- you can whip up some mighty tasty batches to package up in special ways to give as gifts to friends and family as well!
  • Why take chances... when you can give your beloved pets some homemade goodness from your own kitchen?! It's healthier, more economical... and comes with peace of mind.


And what better gift can anyone give,

than one that comes from the heart?


Holiday Pet Recipes
"Christmas Cat 'n' Canine Confections"
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We all enjoy special treats and surprises at Holiday time…and our pets are no different! What’s more -- most of us delight in watching the reactions and joy of our Special Life Companions when we grant them a special treat or meal.

In the spirit of the holidays, and that special joy of including your beloved pets in your celebrations, we happily offer these special treats for your special friends!

Check out these special Homemade Recipes for your Cats and Dogs! Healthy, balanced, Home-made Cuisine from your OWN kitchen puts you in charge again!



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Cat 'N Canine Christmas Confections

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